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The SAM Advanced Management Journal publishes original, research-based articles, review articles, and case study articles that are of significant value, interest, and concern to general managers. All articles are subject to double-blind peer review and are specially designed for general managers who are concerned with knowing how to communicate with specialists without necessarily being specialists themselves. The nature of the SAM-AMJ is to attract submissions from management professionals and educators across the globe.

The typical Journal reader is familiar with basic business practices but is not necessarily an expert on any specific topic. The reader is interested in knowing what current terms mean, what new management concepts can do (including their limitations), how to apply them to a particular situation, and what questions should be asked of experts who implement them.

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The SAM Advanced Management Journal is published by the Society for Advancement of Management, Inc. (SAM) is a nonprofit organization established in 1912 and founded for the purpose of promoting scientific study of the principles governing organized efforts in industrial and economic life. Today, we fulfill this mission through the study of management theory and practice.